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Not using RentCheck You're missing the most important tool for the success of your rental property business.

RentCheck is Canada’s industry leader in tenancy reporting

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No matter how many or few residential or commercial units you administer, all landlords need access to rapid, reliable and affordable screening, risk-assessment, search and cost-recovery tools.


Protect your rental proerty


Take advantage of your well-earned tenancy record


Protect your member’s properties

Why RentCheck?

Since being established in 1976, RentCheck® has investigated over 6 million files and has served over 80,000 landlords and growing larger each day.
We invite you to participate in RentCheck’s Gold Star Resident program where landlords recommend their best residents to other landlords. Also, as a member discover how RentCheck® helps tenant-worthy residents improve their credit ratings, plus benefit from the asset protection our products deliver.
We urge you to Enrol Now, become a member and do your part to contribute your rental-history to the national housing registry today.



Take advantage of your well-earned tenancy record.



Protect your members’ properties

Applicant Inquiry Services (AIS)

An automatic tool for streamlining applicant selection like never before. Past renting history is the best indicator of future renting behaviour.

Gold Star Rating…

Is your applicant a five (5) star certified resident? We believe renters need RentCheck to create good renting history.


“The prime directive and principle was to establish a service based on information integrity, accuracy and service quality”
– RentCheck

“Just wanted to ‘Thank You’ for the valuable service your team provides. I’m sure checking tenant credit history has saved me several thousands of dollars and many hours of hassle by providing the ‘hidden’ information that does not usually come out in tenant interviews.”

– Yvonne Gorski
Storm – Haven Property Group

“Thanks to our discovery of Rent Check, we have:

  • Successfully evicted our problem tenant Recruited a new tenant, based on the results of a Rent Check Tenant Report (Credit and Tenancy history)
  • Successfully sued for the substantial damages inflicted by our problem tenant
  • Successfully recovered about 75% of the total damages Reported our problem tenant’s financial ‘behaviour’ to the appropriate credit bureaus.”

– N. Simon Jay

“The Board of Directors and Nishnawbe Home’s staff were very taken by the fact that your generosity and genuine regard, for the people we house, is evident by your kind donation.”

– Frances Sanderson
Nishnawbe Homes

“Our experience with everyone at Rent Check was wonderful. We learned of our rights, had all the legal processes taken care of, and the issues resolved expeditiously.”

Carol Moore-Ede
Executive Producer

“The greatness of the service that you provide for Landlords is very apparent.”

Deloris Seiveright
Shouters NESB

“As the owner of Rent Check business, it might please you to appreciate this feedback from a very satisfied client. Myself, our staff, about twenty families in the building including young children and a 75 year old man with a heart condition, will now all live and sleep more comfortably during the coming year(s).”

Reuben J. Sokol
Manager Keele Apartments

“We are very pleased with the quality and cost of Rent Check’s services.”

Randy Tindale
General Manager,
Gabriel Dumont Non-Profit Homes (Metro Toronto) Inc.

“The morning we signed up, we did our first check on one of our applications. We got a hit and found out that the tenant had previously been evicted on two occasions. Needless to say, that was a definite influence on our decision (to use Rent Check Credit Bureau).”

Terri Schofield
PMA Realty Consulting Ltd.