What does RentCheck Credit Bureau do?

RentCheck Credit Bureau provides many services and reports to Tenants, Landlords, Property Managers, Social and Co-op Housing and Real Estate companies to address their needs in both Residential and Commercial Tenancies.

We can provide a Credit Report that indicates the financial status of the individual or company and we can provide our unique Tenancy Report, which reflects the individual’s rental history and would include mostly positive information and any public records of eviction orders, damages, safety and/or illegal acts as well as any issues reported by other member Landlords.

What is a Combination 2 Report?

A Combination 2 is very good background check and is a combination of a Credit Report and a Tenancy Report.

Do I have to be a member?

RentCheck Credit Bureau is licensed under the Consumer Reporting Act, which requires the identification of who is obtaining credit information and what the intended purpose is. This, and other restrictions are covered in our Membership Agreement.

How do I become a member?

Our Membership Agreement is available to be completed on-line or may be handled by fax, mail or in person. Customer service will review each Membership Agreement, validate the content and promptly issue a username and password.

What if I do not have the consent of the applicant to do a check?

You cannot perform the check without consent. You will be subject to possible heavy fines. You must have the applicant’s written consent to have RentCheck Credit Bureau obtain credit history or rental history on your behalf. The consent statement must appear with or be part of your Residential Rental Application form. This written consent is mandatory under privacy legislation in Canada. The wording is provided to you in our Membership Agreement and on the consent statement.

What do I do if an individual objects to the information on their file?

The individual is to be directed to RentCheck Credit Bureau, John Dobrowolski, a Privacy Officer who can be reached at 416-365-1987 where the issues can be addressed under RentCheck’s established consumer inquiry procedure as required under the Consumer Reporting Act, (Ontario). Return to top of page

What is the difference between a Credit Report and a Tenancy Report?

A Credit Report contains financial information but does not show rental history information. For a Landlord, rental history information is most important since an applicant may have a Gold Star Tenant history but may not pay their car loan or credit card or may not pay their rent or they may have damaged property. The best indicator of how a person will be as a tenant must include a Tenancy Report.

What is a Full Bureau Report?

A Full Bureau Report includes a Credit Report from both Equifax and TransUnion as well as a Tenancy Report from RentCheck Credit Bureau’s proprietary repository of rental history.

What information do we need to complete a check?

Full name, current address, including postal code and birth date are essential. The more information provided, the better. Social insurance number/social security number and previous address are recommended but not mandatory.

How long do checks take?

On-line requests appear in your browser in seconds. Phone and fax back requests are returned within an hour. In person requests are done while you wait.

How do I order a report?

Reports may be ordered on-line, by fax, phone or in person.

What if an applicant refuses to give a Social Insurance Number/Social Security Number?

It is not mandatory that an applicant provide this information and the Landlord cannot legally insist upon obtaining same.