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For operations enrolling as a small independent landlord or a multi-family housing owner and/or manager, social housing provider, and general businesses at large who have a need for residential, commercial reports, and/or criminal reports.

Social Housing Provider

Private independent housing providers, and Real Estate Professionals select your application to subscribe below.

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If you have or are renting get your rent history and credit history now.

Get Your Own Personal Reports and Score


Get your own Criminal Record Check online. Conveniently obtain your private Criminal record file and share when needed for all types of applications.


Credit Bureau Group Plan rates with 77% off non-member report pricing, and no annual fees, apply for members of associations, federations, and business groups.

Members have more reason to maintain their good standing and renew expired membership if Rent Check® good standing verfication fails they lose their discount status.

Rent Check® drive new recruits to affiliates by informing them of the great rates if they become a member.

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